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2014-15 Master Schedule
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Day Time Sport   Opponent
237:00PMSoccer vs. Tennessee Wesleyan
267:00PMVolleyball @ Oglethorpe University
277:00PMSoccer vs. University of Northwestern Ohio
2911:30AMVolleyball @ College of Coastal Georgia
 Mariner Invitational
294:30PMVolleyball @ Webber International
 Mariner Invitational
309:00AMVolleyball @ Faulkner University
 Mariner Invitational
304:30PMVolleyball @ Marygrove College
 Mariner Invitational
317:00PMSoccer vs. Thomas University
36:30PMVolleyball @ Agnes Scott
56:30PMCross CountryEye Opener Invitational @ Spartanburg, SC
57:00PMVolleyball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
62:00PMVolleyball vs. Brewton-Parker
67:00PMSoccer vs. Montreat College
13 Cross CountrySaucony Invitational @ Helen, Ga.
131:00PMVolleyball @ Union College
 @ Milligan College
133:00PMVolleyball @ Milligan College
137:00PMSoccer vs. Cumberland Univ.
15 GolfCoastal Georgia Women's Fall Invitational
167:00PMSoccer vs. Reinhardt University
167:00PMVolleyball vs. Dalton State College
198:30PMVolleyball @ University of Mobile
202:00PMSoccer vs. Northwood University
203:00PMVolleyball @ Loyola University
257:00PMVolleyball vs. Tennessee Wesleyan
267:00PMVolleyball vs. Faulkner University
27 Cross CountryUNG Invitational @ Gainesville, Ga.
271:00PMVolleyball vs. Belhaven University
271:00PMSwimmingColumbia College, Berry College and Thomas University
277:00PMSoccer vs. Georgia Gwinnett College
21:00PMSoccer @ Brewton-Parker
35:30PMCross CountryPoint University XC Invitational @ Lannett, Ala.
38:00PMVolleyball @ Bethel University
43:00PMVolleyball @ Martin Methodist
45:00PMSoccer vs. Middle Georgia State College
5 GolfBirmingham Southern Showdown
96:30PMVolleyball vs. Milligan College
10 SwimmingConverse College Invitational
112:00PMSoccer @ Faulkner University
166:00PMSoccer vs. Martin Methodist
175:00PMCross CountryCrimson Classic @ Tuscaloosa, Ala.
177:00PMVolleyball vs. University of Mobile
1811:00AMVolleyball vs. Loyola University
183:00PMVolleyball vs. Truett-McConnell College
185:00PMSoccer vs. William Carey University
20 GolfUNG-LeeAnn Noble Memorial
217:00PMVolleyball @ Dalton State College
232:00PMSoccer @ Auburn University Montgomery
24 Swimming @ UNC-Asheville
247:00PMVolleyball @ Faulkner University
25 Cross CountrySand Shark Invitational @ Beaufort, S.C.
251:00PMVolleyball @ Belhaven University
256:00PMSoccer @ University of Mobile
27 GolfNAIA Fall Preview
296:30PMVolleyball @ Montreat College
306:00PMSoccer vs. Bethel University
31 SwimmingUniversity of South Invitational
317:00PMVolleyball vs. Bethel University
11:00PMVolleyball vs. Martin Methodist
13:00PMSoccer vs. Belhaven University
45:30PMBasketball @ Tennessee Wesleyan
66:30PMVolleyball vs. Montreat College
75:30PMBasketball vs. Montreat College
77:00PMVolleyball @ College of Coastal Georgia
8 Cross CountrySSAC Conference Meet @ Jackson, Miss.
8 Soccer @ William Carey University
 SSAC Tournament
8 SwimmingEmory University and SCAD-Savannah
81:00PMVolleyball @ Brewton-Parker
82:00PMBasketball vs. Reinhardt University
115:30PMBasketball @ Morris College
13 Volleyball vs. Loyola University
 SSAC Tournament
1410:00AMVolleyball vs. Dalton State College
 SSAC Tournament
15 Volleyball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
 SSAC Tournament
151:30PMBasketball @ Young Harris College
21 SwimmingBrenau University Invitational
215:30PMBasketball @ Faulkner University
22 Cross CountryNAIA Cross County Nationals @ Lawrence, Kan.
285:30PMBasketball @ William Carey University
293:00PMBasketball @ Loyola University
4 SwimmingSCAD-Savannah Invitational
96:00PMBasketball @ Reinhardt University
117:00PMBasketball @ Voorhees College
25:30PMBasketball vs. University of Mobile
33:00PMBasketball vs. Belhaven University
95:30PMBasketball vs. Auburn University Montgomery
126:00PMBasketball @ Columbia International University
162:00PMTennis vs. Dalton State College
17 SwimmingConverse College and Campbellsville University
172:00PMBasketball @ Middle Georgia State College
205:30PMBasketball vs. Allen University
226:30PMBasketball @ Martin Methodist
23 SwimmingBerry College Invitational
275:30PMBasketball vs. Morris College
295:30PMBasketball vs. Blue Mountain College
31 Swimming @ Limestone College
312:00PMBasketball vs. Bethel University
55:30PMBasketball @ Brewton-Parker
7Game 2Softball vs. Truett-McConnell College
71:00PMSoftball vs. Truett-McConnell College
72:00PMBasketball @ College of Coastal Georgia
81:00PMTennis @ Clayton State University
125:30PMBasketball vs. Middle Georgia State College
13 SwimmingAppalachian Swimming Conference Championships
14 Track & FieldSamford Invitational
1412:00PMSoftball vs. Agnes Scott
14Game 2Softball vs. Agnes Scott
142:00PMBasketball vs. Martin Methodist
142:00PMTennis vs. Emory University
16 GolfDay 1 - Coastal Georgia Tournament
165:00PMTennis @ Georgia Perimeter College
17 GolfDay 2 - Coastal Georgia Tournament
194:00PMTennis @ University of Mobile
195:30PMBasketball @ Blue Mountain College
20 Tennis @ Loyola University
 @ Mobile, Ala.
203:00PMTennis @ Belhaven University
 @ Mobile, Ala.
206:00PMSoftball @ Bryan College
2110:00AMSoftball @ Reinhardt University
2110:00AMTennis @ Middle Georgia State College
 @ Mobile, Ala.
2112:00PMSoftball @ Montreat College
212:00PMBasketball @ Bethel University
232:00PMTennis @ Xavier
 @ Mobile, Ala.
247:00PMBasketball @ Allen University
265:30PMBasketball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
271:00PMSoftball @ College of Coastal Georgia
27Game 2Softball @ College of Coastal Georgia
28 Golf @ Berry College
 Day 1
281:00PMSoftball @ Brewton-Parker
28Game 2Softball @ Brewton-Parker
282:00PMBasketball vs. Brewton-Parker
1 Track & FieldAdonica Ferguson Invitational
1 Golf @ Berry College
 Day 1
19:00AMTennis @ Barry
 @ Valdosta, Ga.
24:00PMSoftball vs. Middle Georgia State College
2Game 2Softball vs. Middle Georgia State College
32:00PMTennis @ Reinhardt University
43:00PMSoftball vs. Montreat College
4Game 2Softball vs. Montreat College
5 SwimmingNAIA Nationals Swimming and Diving Championships
69:00AMSoftball @ Columbia College
 Gulf Coast Invitational @ Gulf Shores, Ala.
611:00AMSoftball @ Purdue University Calumet
 Gulf Coast Invitational @ Gulf Shores, Ala.
710:00AMSoftball @ Cumberland Univ.
 Gulf Coast Invitational @ Gulf Shores, Ala.
72:00PMSoftball @ Reinhardt University
 Gulf Coast Invitational @ Gulf Shores, Ala.
8 Softball vs. TBA
 Gulf Coast Invitational@ Gulf Shores, AL
9 Golf @ Lindsey Wilson
 Day 1
10 Golf @ Lindsey Wilson
 Day 2
103:00PMTennis vs. Cumberland Univ.
139:00AMTennis @ Auburn University Montgomery
 @ Mobile, Ala.
133:00PMSoftball vs. Faulkner University
13Game 2Softball vs. Faulkner University
133:00PMTennis @ College of Coastal Georgia
 @ Mobile, Ala.
14 Track & FieldMorehouse Relays
1410:00AMTennis @ William Carey University
 @ Mobile, Ala.
141:00PMSoftball vs. Auburn University Montgomery
14Game 2Softball vs. Auburn University Montgomery
163:00PMTennis vs. SCAD Savannah
164:00PMSoftball @ Agnes Scott
16Game 2Softball @ Agnes Scott
19Game 2Softball @ Emmanuel College
194:00PMSoftball @ Emmanuel College
21 Track & FieldEmory Invitational
243:00PMSoftball vs. Tennessee Temple
24Game 2Softball vs. Tennessee Temple
263:00PMTennis @ Dalton State College
279:00AMTennis @ Bethel University
 @ Dalton, Ga.
273:00PMTennis @ Martin Methodist
 @ Dalton, Ga.
274:00PMSoftball @ University of Mobile
27Game 2Softball @ University of Mobile
28 Track & FieldShorter Relays
281:00PMSoftball vs. William Carey University
28Game 2Softball vs. William Carey University
30 GolfDay 1 - Golden Tigers Spring Invitational
31 GolfDay 2 - Golden Tigers Spring Invitational
12:00PMSoftball @ Truett-McConnell College
1Game 2Softball @ Truett-McConnell College
35:00PMSoftball @ Martin Methodist
3Game 2Softball @ Martin Methodist
42:00PMSoftball @ Bethel University
4Game 2Softball @ Bethel University
73:00PMTennis vs. Georgia College & State University
8 Track & FieldUGA Heptathlon
83:00PMTennis @ Columbia College
10Game 2Softball @ Auburn University Montgomery
10 Track & FieldDay 1 - WCU Invitational
102:00PMTennis vs. Emmanuel College
 Senior Day
104:00PMSoftball @ Auburn University Montgomery
11Game 2Softball @ Faulkner University
11 Track & FieldDay 2 - WCU Invitational
111:00PMSoftball @ Faulkner University
133:00PMTennis @ Georgia Gwinnett College
155:00PMSoftball vs. Piedmont College
15Game 2Softball vs. Piedmont College
171:00PMSoftball vs. Brewton-Parker
17Game 2Softball vs. Brewton-Parker
18 Track & FieldOglethorpe Invitational
18 GolfDay 1 - SSAC Conference Championship
181:00PMSoftball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
18Game 2Softball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
19 GolfDay 2 - SSAC Conference Championship
24 Track & FieldDay 1 - SSAC Championships
25 Track & FieldDay 2 - SSAC Championships
251:00PMSoftball @ Middle Georgia State College
25Game 2Softball @ Middle Georgia State College
9 Track & FieldUGA Invitational
21 Track & FieldDay 1 - NAIA Championships
22 Track & FieldDay 2 - NAIA Championships
23 Track & FieldDay 3 - NAIA Championships
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