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2016-17 Master Schedule
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Master Schedule for 2016-17
Day Time Sport   Opponent
Fri262:00 PMVolleyball @ Webber International
 @Faulkner Invitational
Fri266:00 PMVolleyball @ Point University
 @Faulkner Invitational
Sat2711:00 AMVolleyball @ Bryan College
 @Faulkner Invitational
Sat273:00 PMVolleyball @ Columbia College
 @Faulkner Invitational
Tue307:00 PMSoccer vs. Point University
Fri21:00 PMVolleyball @ Webber International
 @Life University Running Eagles Classic
Fri25:00 PMVolleyball @ Columbia College
 @Life University Running Eagles Classic
Sat3 Cross CountryUniversity of Georgia Invitational
Sat39:00 AMVolleyball @ Reinhardt University
 @Life University Running Eagles Classic
Sat35:00 PMSoccer @ SCAD Savannah
Sat35:00 PMVolleyball @ Coker College
 @Life University Running Eagles Classic
Mon51:00 PMSoccer @ University of South Carolina - Beaufort
Tue6 GolfDay 1 - SCAD-Atlanta Fall Invitational
Wed7 GolfDay 2 - SCAD-Atlanta Fall Invitational
Fri9 Cross CountryUniversity of West Georgia Season Opener
Fri97:00 PMVolleyball vs. Dalton State College
Sat102:00 PMVolleyball vs. Faulkner University
Sat105:00 PMSoccer vs. Thomas University
Mon12 GolfDay 1 - Truett-McConnell Fall Invitational
Tue13 GolfDay 2 - Truett-McConnell Fall Invitational
Wed147:00 PMSoccer vs. Reinhardt University
Fri167:00 PMVolleyball vs. Martin Methodist
Sat17 Cross CountryUniversity of North Georgia Invitational
Sat171:00 PMVolleyball vs. Bethel University
Sat171:30 PMSoccer @ Tennessee Wesleyan
Wed217:00 PMSoccer @ Bryan College
Thu228:00 PMVolleyball @ William Carey University
Fri237:00 PMVolleyball @ Loyola University
Sat2412:00 PMVolleyball @ University of Mobile
Tue277:00 PMVolleyball vs. Life University
Thu296:00 PMSoccer vs. Middle Georgia State College
Thu297:00 PMVolleyball vs. Middle Georgia State College
Fri307:00 PMVolleyball vs. Brewton-Parker
Sat11:00 PMVolleyball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
Sat15:00 PMSoccer vs. Brewton-Parker
Thu66:30 PMSoccer @ William Carey University
Fri7 SwimmingDay 1 - Converse Invitational
Sat8 Cross CountryPiedmont College XC Invitational
Sat8 SwimmingDay 2 - Converse Invitational
Sat86:00 PMSoccer @ University of Mobile
Thu134:00 PMSoccer @ St. Andrews College
Fri147:00 PMVolleyball @ Dalton State College
Sat15 Cross CountryBerry College Invitational
Sat152:00 PMVolleyball @ Faulkner University
Sat155:00 PMSoccer vs. Faulkner University
Mon17 GolfDay 1 - UNG/Lee Ann Noble Memorial
Tue18 GolfDay 2 - UNG/Lee Ann Noble Memorial
Tue187:00 PMVolleyball @ Life University
Wed197:00 PMSoccer @ Oglethorpe University
Thu207:00 PMVolleyball vs. William Carey University
Fri215:00 PMSoccer vs. Dalton State College
 Senior Day
Fri217:00 PMVolleyball vs. University of Mobile
Sat2211:00 AMVolleyball vs. Loyola University
Thu276:30 PMSoccer @ Martin Methodist
Fri288:00 PMVolleyball @ Martin Methodist
Sat291:00 PMSoccer @ Bethel University
Sat292:00 PMVolleyball @ Bethel University
Mon31 GolfDay 1 - SSAC Fall Preview
Tue1 GolfDay 2 - SSAC Fall Preview
Tue17:00 PMBasketball @ Life University
Thu37:00 PMVolleyball @ Middle Georgia State College
Fri4 Cross Country2016 SSAC Championships
Fri45:00 PMSoccer @ William Carey University
 SSAC Tournament Opening Round
Fri47:00 PMVolleyball @ Brewton-Parker
Sat5 SwimmingUNC Asheville
Sat51:00 PMVolleyball @ College of Coastal Georgia
Sat52:00 PMBasketball @ Montreat College
Tue85:30 PMBasketball @ Tennessee Wesleyan
Thu102:00 PMVolleyball @ Faulkner University
 SSAC Tournament
Fri1112:00 PMVolleyball @ Martin Methodist
 SSAC Tournament
Fri114:00 PMVolleyball @ University of Mobile
 SSAC Tournament
Fri115:00 PMBasketball @ St. Augustine College
 @Southern Wesleyan University
Sat125:00 PMBasketball @ Southern Wesleyan University
Tue155:30 PMBasketball vs. Life University
Fri18 SwimmingBU Invitational @Francis Meadows Aquatic Center
Sat19 SwimmingBU Invitational @Francis Meadows Aquatic Center
Tue225:30 PMBasketball @ Young Harris College
Tue295:30 PMBasketball vs. LaGrange College
Thu1 SwimmingDay 1 - SCAD Invitational
Fri2 SwimmingDay 2 - SCAD Invitational
Sat3 SwimmingDay 3 - SCAD Invitational
Sat32:00 PMBasketball vs. Faulkner University
Sat313:00 PMBasketball @ University of Mobile
Mon23:00 PMBasketball @ Loyola University
Thu55:30 PMBasketball vs. Martin Methodist
Sat72:00 PMBasketball vs. Bethel University
Thu125:30 PMBasketball @ Middle Georgia State College
Fri13 SwimmingConverse College-Senior Night
Sat143:00 PMBasketball @ William Carey University
Mon163:00 PMBasketball @ Blue Mountain College
Thu195:30 PMBasketball vs. Brewton-Parker
Sat21 SwimmingColumbia College
Sat212:00 PMBasketball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
Fri27 SwimmingDay 1 - Emmanuel, Point and SGSC
Sat28 SwimmingDay 2 - Emmanuel, Point and SGSC
Sat28 Competitive CheerleadingDalton State College
Sat2812:00 PMBasketball @ Faulkner University
Sun29 Competitive CheerleadingCulprit Cheer
Sun294:00 PMTennis @ Furman University
Thu27:00 PMBasketball vs. Loyola University
Fri31:00 PMTennis @ Georgia College & State University
Sat412:00 PMSoftball @ Piedmont College
Sat4Game 2Softball @ Piedmont College
Sat42:00 PMBasketball vs. University of Mobile
Sun51:00 PMTennis vs. University of North Georgia
Mon6Game 2Softball @ Truett-McConnell College
Mon61:30 PMSoftball @ Truett-McConnell College
Wed8 SwimmingDay 1 - Appalachian Athletic Conference Championships
Thu9 SwimmingDay 2 - Appalachian Athletic Conference Championships
Thu95:30 PMBasketball @ Martin Methodist
Fri10 SwimmingDay 3 - Appalachian Athletic Conference Championships
Fri103:00 PMSoftball vs. Talladega College
Fri10Game 2Softball vs. Talladega College
Fri106:00 PMTennis @ Tennessee-Chattanooga
Sat11 SwimmingAppalachian Athletic Conference Championships
Sat112:00 PMSoftball vs. Tennessee Wesleyan
 Varsity and JV Doubleheader
Sat11Game 2Softball vs. Tennessee Wesleyan
 Varsity and JV Doubleheader
Sat113:00 PMBasketball @ Bethel University
Mon13 GolfDay 1 - Coastal Georgia Winter Invitational
Tue14 GolfDay 2 - Coastal Georgia Winter Invitational
Wed153:30 PMSoftball vs. Bryan College
Wed15Game 2Softball vs. Bryan College
Thu162:00 PMTennis @ SCAD Atlanta
 @ Savannah, Ga.
Thu165:30 PMBasketball vs. Middle Georgia State College
Fri17 Track & FieldAAC Challenge
Fri1710:00 AMTennis @ SCAD Savannah
 @ Savannah, Ga.
Sat1810:00 AMSoftball @ West Virginia Institute of Technology
 Georgia Gwinnett College Tournament
Sat1812:30 PMSoftball @ Georgia Gwinnett College
 Georgia Gwinnett College Tournament
Sat181:00 PMTennis @ Lindsey Wilson
 @ Savannah, Ga.
Sat182:00 PMBasketball vs. William Carey University
 Senior Day
Sun1910:00 AMSoftball @ West Virginia Institute of Technology
 Georgia Gwinnett College Tournament
Sun1912:30 PMSoftball @ Montreat College
 Georgia Gwinnett College Tournament
Mon205:30 PMBasketball vs. Blue Mountain College
Tue213:00 PMTennis @ Emory University
Thu23Game 2Softball vs. Truett-McConnell College
Thu234:00 PMSoftball vs. Truett-McConnell College
Thu235:30 PMBasketball @ Brewton-Parker
Fri249:00 AMTennis @ University of Mobile
 SSAC Roundup
Fri243:00 PMTennis @ Loyola University
 SSAC Roundup
Sat25 Competitive Dance@Lindenwood-Belleville
Sat2510:00 AMTennis @ William Carey University
 SSAC Roundup
Sat251:00 PMSoftball vs. Montreat College
Sat25Game 2Softball vs. Montreat College
Sat252:00 PMBasketball @ College of Coastal Georgia
Sun261:00 PMSoftball vs. Agnes Scott
Sun26Game 2Softball vs. Agnes Scott
Mon2711:00 AMTennis @ Xavier
 @ Mobile, Ala.
Tue284:00 PMSoftball @ Emmanuel College
Tue28Game 2Softball @ Emmanuel College
Wed1 Basketball vs. TBA
 SSAC Tournament
Wed1 SwimmingDay 1 - NAIA National Championships
Thu2 SwimmingDay 2 - NAIA National Championships
Thu2 Track & FieldDay 1 - NAIA Indoor Nationals
Fri3 SwimmingDay 3 - NAIA National Championships
Fri3 Track & FieldDay 2 - NAIA Indoor Nationals
Fri310:00 AMSoftball @ Georgia Gwinnett College
 GCI Invitational
Fri32:00 PMSoftball @ Freed-HardemanLive Stats
 GCI Invitational
Sat4 SwimmingDay 4 - NAIA National Championships
Sat4 Track & FieldDay 3 - NAIA Indoor Nationals
Sat412:00 PMSoftball @ Louisiana State University-Alexandria
 GCI Invitational
Sun5 Softball @ TBA
 GCI Invitational
Mon6 GolfDay 1 - Cavalier Spring Invitational
Tue7 GolfDay 2 - Cavalier Spring Invitational
Wed82:00 PMSoftball @ Tennessee Wesleyan
 Junior Varsity
Wed8Game 2Softball @ Tennessee Wesleyan
 Junior Varsity
Thu93:00 PMTennis vs. William Woods University
Fri109:00 AMTennis @ Martin Methodist
 SSAC Round Up
Fri102:00 PMSoftball vs. Brewton-Parker
 Junior Varsity and Varsity
Fri10Game 2Softball vs. Brewton-Parker
 Junior Varsity and Varsity
Fri103:00 PMTennis @ Dalton State College
 SSAC Roundup
Sat1110:00 AMTennis @ Blue Mountain College
 SSAC Roundup
Sat111:00 PMSoftball vs. Middle Georgia State College
Sat11Game 2Softball vs. Middle Georgia State College
Sat113:00 PMTennis @ Bethel University
 SSAC Roundup
Tue145:00 PMSoftball @ Faulkner University
Tue14Game 2Softball @ Faulkner University
Fri17 Track & FieldDay 1 - Emory Invitational
Fri171:00 PMSoftball @ College of Coastal Georgia
Fri17Game 2Softball @ College of Coastal Georgia
Sat18 Track & FieldDay 2 - Emory Invitational
Sun1912:00 PMSoftball vs. Tennessee Wesleyan
 Junior Varsity
Sun19Game 2Softball vs. Tennessee Wesleyan
 Junior Varsity
Mon20 GolfDay 1 - GoldenTigers Spring Invitational
Tue21 GolfDay 2 - GoldenTigers Spring Invitational
Thu23 Competitive CheerleadingBrenau University Showcase
Fri24 Softball @ Bethel University
 Varsity and Junior Varsity Doubleheader
Fri24Game 2Softball @ Bethel University
 Varsity and Junior Varsity Doubleheader
Fri24 Track & FieldDay 1 - Falcon Classic
Fri243:00 PMTennis @ College of Coastal Georgia
Sat25 Softball @ Blue Mountain College
Sat25 Softball @ Blue Mountain College
Sat25 Track & FieldDay 2 - Falcon Classic
Sat2510:00 AMTennis @ Brewton-Parker
Sat253:00 PMTennis @ Middle Georgia State College
Sun26 Tennis @ University of Northwestern Ohio
Fri31 Track & FieldDay 1 - Wofford Relays
Fri312:00 PMSoftball vs. University of Mobile
Fri31Game 2Softball vs. University of Mobile
Sat1 Competitive CheerleadingNCA Showcase
Sat1 Track & FieldDay 2 - Wofford Relays
Sat11:00 PMSoftball vs. William Carey University
Sat1Game 2Softball vs. William Carey University
Wed5 Competitive CheerleadingNCA College Nationals
Fri7 Track & FieldDay 1 - Susan Rouse Invitational
Fri75:00 PMSoftball @ Martin Methodist
 Varsity and Junior Varsity Doubleheader
Fri7Game 2Softball @ Martin Methodist
 Varsity and Junior Varsity Doubleheader
Sat8 Track & FieldDay 2 - Susan Rouse Invitational
Sun91:00 PMTennis vs. Louisiana State University-Alexandria
Mon10 GolfDay 1 - Spring Phoenix Invitational
Tue11 GolfDay 2 - Spring Phoenix Invitational
Tue112:00 PMSoftball @ Bryan College
Tue11Game 2Softball @ Bryan College
Wed123:00 PMTennis @ Georgia Gwinnett College
Fri142:00 PMSoftball @ Brewton-Parker
 Varsity and Junior Varsity
Sat151:00 PMSoftball @ Middle Georgia State College
Sat15Game 2Softball @ Middle Georgia State College
Tue185:00 PMSoftball vs. Faulkner University
Tue18Game 2Softball vs. Faulkner University
Thu20 Tennis vs. TBA
 SSAC Championships
Fri21 Track & FieldDay 1 - SSAC Championships
Fri212:00 PMSoftball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
Fri21Game 2Softball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
Sat22 Track & FieldDay 2 - SSAC Championships
Mon24 GolfDay 1 - SSAC Conference Championship
Tue25 GolfDay 2 - SSAC Conference Championship
Wed26 GolfDay 3 - SSAC Conference Championship
Thu27 Softball @ TBA
 SSAC Tournament
Sun30 Track & FieldUGA Last Chance Meet
Tue16 Tennis vs. TBA
 NAIA National Championships
Thu25 Track & FieldDay 1 - NAIA Outdoor National Championships
Fri26 Track & FieldDay 2 - NAIA Outdoor National Championships
Sat27 Track & FieldDay 3 - NAIA Outdoor National Championships
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